It’s a kind of magic

Writing is amazing. At its best, it’s like a form of telepathy, conveying ideas directly from one mind to another. With it, we can generate emotions in others, create worlds just as real as Swaziland is to your average Minnesotan, Kazakhstan is to your average Alabaman, or Detroit is to your run-of-the-mill Queenslander. With words […] […]

Oh, right! I have a blog!

It’s been a while. Again. (Is this the way it’s going to go? Write an ‘Oh, yeah – I should update this thing more often’ post, then wander off for a few… MONTHS? … No. No it’s not. I don’t think. Well, maybe. But no. I’m -totally- not going to do that. Again. Seriously, this […] […]

What? You mean you’re still here??

Well, so am I! Though I have been a little lax (*COUGHCOUGH*) on the updating front. And clearly I shouldn’t go away for so long – the place falls apart when I’m not around! I log in and the images are all broken, the plug-ins are out of date… What the heck?! It’s 2013! Shouldn’t […] […]

Torn Between Two Stalkers

There’s a meme going around right now (I got it most recently from George Takei, but there’s another iteration of it here.) that syncs very nicely with thoughts I’ve been having about the kinds of things I read and that I let my kids read. Very recently I saw a status update from a 10-year-old […] […]

Well hello, stranger!

Whew! It’s a bit dusty ’round here… my cat, however, is PRISTINE. That is… ahh: Hi! How are you? Long time no see! … How’s the family…? Yeah, I got nothing. Okay, well maybe not nothing. Things have been hopping around the old homestead these past few months. Plus, it’s SUMMER (But don’t tell the […] […]


If ever there was ample evidence that writing a book is a TERRIBLE idea, Mary Robinette Kowal provides it in this understated post from her journal: Debut Author Lessons: Surviving on Tour Dehydration! Starvation! Sleep-deprivation! Exposure, social overload and a lack of suitable utensils!! Ms. Kowal is a lovely woman, very kind and generous, but […] […]

When the Vac is away…

Sometimes the cat vacuums itself… Stay tuned, faithful readers – more to come… […]

How Not to Write Your Novel: Seattle

Go there! Look for me. Wave and make the Cat Vacuuming SOOP3R S3KR1T hand gesture! (I’ll tell you all about it when we get back…) Be good, my pretties! And whatever you do… DON’T WRITE! […]