Where the hell have I been?

Good question! Wish I knew the answer myself, but about the best I can do is: Away? I suppose it’s fair to say I’ve been distracted. Maybe a little depressed. Certainly not very motivated toward writing, and even less so toward writing here. If I were feeling pompous, I might say I’ve been busy reinventing […] […]

On Vacation!

…and thus, not really as CONNECTED as I usually am. So instead of a post, you get a link to NPR’s Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books. What’s not on the list that you think ought to be? I, for one, think that the Wizard of Earthsea books are conspicuously absent. Conspiracy? Could be… […]

How Not to Write Your Novel: iPhone 4

My wife’s birthday is coming up. And, my New-Every-2 discount recently matured affording me a sizable discount on a new cell phone, provided I sign over my soul for another 2 year stint on the Verizon wagon. Now we have an iPhone in the house. It arrived by FedEx Thursday afternoon. I wrapped it and […] […]

I told you so!

Writing a book is a terrible idea. You think that, once it’s done, it’ll go away. That it won’t nag at your brain day and night the way it used to. Oh, sure – you’ll need to do a few edits, maybe rewrite a chapter or three. Nothing serious, of course. A little tinkering here […] […]


Okay, so maybe it was three weeks. But hey – you know – you can’t rush genius! Or me, more to the point. At any rate – the three weeks have passed and the time for the announcement has come!! (Are you ready?) (You’re not ready – I can see you. You have no popcorn. […] […]

HNtWYN: A Confession (AND a warning…)

I’m afraid I have an admission to make. Please – sit down before you read this. It shames me to say it. It breaks my heart to even think of it! But I feel I must tell you, my faithful readers. I owe it to you. You deserve the truth. You see… I’ve been writing. […] […]

It’s MAGIC all right…

Oh, Dan – you think you’re so clever, don’t you? If only it was so easy. What’s that I hear? A cat meowing? And the subtle tones of dust falling from its fur? Back to the vac for me. […]

HNtWYN: Drunk History (NSFW)

Finally. FINALLY! Someone has found the sweet spot at the intersection of booze, film and American history. Don’t worry, I know what you’re thinking: “But Brett – I didn’t realize there WAS a sweet spot at that intersection. I thought it was just some homeless dude in a raincoat farting and asking for spare corks?” […] […]

How Not to Write Your Novel: Depression

Honestly… what’s the point? (Am I back? Perhaps… Stay Tuned!) […]

HNtoWYN: The Census

It’s that time again, kiddies! The time when the federal government lines everybody up and counts heads. Gotta make sure the stormtroopers have enough bullets when the revolution comes, you know! All kidding aside, there’s a lot of weird misinformation and outright kooky paranoia going around right now about the Census. We here at Cat […] […]