How Not to Write Your Novel: iPhone 4

My wife’s birthday is coming up. And, my New-Every-2 discount recently matured affording me a sizable discount on a new cell phone, provided I sign over my soul for another 2 year stint on the Verizon wagon. Now we have an iPhone in the house. It arrived by FedEx Thursday afternoon. I wrapped it and […] […]

God and stuff

Jen Raffensperger wrote a very nice post over at Examorata. It’s about God. And a little about Tim Minchin. And some slightly inebriated woman. It’s always nice to see smart people thinking so’s we dimwits can see how it works. […]

Well hello, stranger!

Whew! It’s a bit dusty ’round here… my cat, however, is PRISTINE. That is… ahh: Hi! How are you? Long time no see! … How’s the family…? Yeah, I got nothing. Okay, well maybe not nothing. Things have been hopping around the old homestead these past few months. Plus, it’s SUMMER (But don’t tell the […] […]