Avatar - a review or 'Giant Robot Blue Monkey Knife Fight Says What?'

You remember TRON, right? Jeff Bridges is a computer programmer reduced to scamming on teenagers from his loft above the video arcade (remember when you had to GO SOMEWHERE DANK AND SMELLY if you wanted to play video games??) because he got fired from his cush job designing games like STAR INVADERS and BLASTEROIDS. But […] […]

How Not To Write Your Novel: Moving

I think I may have hit on something here – a sort of magic bullet for use against the impending Bad End of finishing a novel. As you may have gathered from the title (You’re bright kitties, aren’t you?) MOVING is it. And I don’t mean, you know, leaning back and forth from one butt […] […]

When the Vac is away…

Sometimes the cat vacuums itself… Stay tuned, faithful readers – more to come… […]

Late Night: A Conversation (Or why I won't watch Jay Leno)

JAY: <rings doorbell> FX: DINGDONG JAY: Huh. Never heard one actually SAY -ding- -dong- before. Weird. Is that weird? It’s weird, isn’t it? FX: door opens CONAN: (dejected) Jay. Hey… how’s it going. JAY: Oh ahh, well it’s going great, buddy! Hey, ahh… I heard about your divorce. Sorry to hear it. CONAN: Yeah. Thanks, […] […]