Polluter? I hardly know 'er!

I heard a story this morning about global warming and the sorts of arguments leveled against emissions regulations. (The EPA recently decided to start regulating Carbon Dioxide emissions as pollutants. You’ve probably heard a little about that.) It opened with a clip from some radio show host declaring (rather angrily) ‘CO2 is what we all […] […]

SUPERfluousBOWL, the Sequel

This is interactive media, right? So how’s about some interaction! In the comments, tell me what your favorite Super Bowl commercial is. Give me a link. Give me hope. GIVE ME A WAY TO AVOID WRITING JUST A LITTLE LONGER! ’cause that’s what we do, my pretties. That’s what we do. […]

The SUPERfluousBOWL!

Is it just me or has the bloom come off the rose a little bit? It could just be a slow year, God knows there’s reason enough for that. Who’s got money to spend on top-notch advertising? (Well it’s not Toyota just now, is it?) Whatever the reason, it feels to me like some kind […] […]

How Not to Write Your Novel part 1: Blogging

Teach us! they say. O, teach us, dear leader! Show us the way to not write our novels! Verily, I shall! Begin, I say, with the internets. Ever since that fateful day in 1760 when Ted Kennedy and Alexander Graham Bell wired two Hermes manual typewriters together with cables spun from the tears of Victor […] […]

You say you want to write a novel...

Did you take a blow to the head with something heavy? Spend an unfortunate amount of time trapped beneath a rather hefty aunt? Win in a game of ‘Who can turn bluest?’ as a child? Clearly something’s gone wrong. Everyone knows writers come to uniformly bad ends. No one in their right mind sets out […] […]