Much has been made of this whole ‘notes on hands’ thing lately. I’m not going to get too far into it other than to say a- I’m not surprised and b- Why are you??

I wonder – do the people who think the whole thing was a cunning trap laid for Sweet Sarah’s detractors also believe their cat when it looks up at them with that ‘I meant to do that’ nonchalance after falling off the television set? Seriously??

I leave it to you, dear readers:

Sarah Palin – Political Mastermind?


Sarah Palin – Cat in a Fish Tank?

Your verdict in the comments.

5 comments to Brilliant?

  • Sequoia

    Cat in a fish tank. I doubt the phrase political mastermind would even dare venture near her.
    😀 Just being honest.

  • Derrick

    I find it staggering that in this age of technology and Nanobots, people still write on their hands…

    Surely if we have created an invention which is as mind boggling as the Thermos Flask, we MUST also be in the age of little invisible flying devices which can provide answers to challenging questions?
    Or even wireless earpieces connected to intelligent people who are masters of political trivia questions AND whispering?

    Got to go, just saw Russia pass by my window and it looked angry.

  • Maria

    Is it bad to say I haven’t given it a minute’s thought since I heard about it, laughed, shook my head and then forgot it?

    I personally think that if people paid more attention and money to things that really mattered then we might get somewhere.

    Although I do have to speculate– where the hell were her handlers? and I bet they will never be without pen and PAPER again. notes would have been so much more respectable than resorting to a 3rd graer’s tactics.

  • BWRS

    Sequoia – This is the place to do it!

    Derrick – I hear that Russia has NUKLEAR WESSELS (Wassails?) Better be careful!

    Maria – Bad? Not in the least. But remember – paper and pencils are for LIBERAL ELITES, your denigration only exposes your hatred of America.

  • Holly U

    Fish tank, no doubt. If it turns out down the road that she’s a political mastermind, you’ll be able to knock me over with a feather.

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